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Weight Loss Surgery

Choose Tallgrass Surgical Center for your weight loss journey
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Tallgrass Surgical Center is an award-winning outpatient surgery center in Topeka, Kansas with a specialized weight loss surgery program. Successfully lose weight while improving your health and overall well-being.

Experience Tallgrass Surgical Center for yourself:

  • Skilled surgeons with satisfied patients.
  • Cost savings and transparency compared to full service hospitals.
  • Highly qualified, friendly, personal service.
  • Fully accessible first-floor facility with a drive-up covered entrance and convenient parking.

Start your journey today and discover how Tallgrass Surgical Center can help you achieve weight loss success.


About Tallgrass Surgical Center


Tallgrass Surgical Center is a multi-specialty, ambulatory surgery center located in Topeka, Kansas. We specialize in all forms of outpatient surgery including weight-loss surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, pain management and orthopedic surgery.

Our Friendly Staff


Our center was designed to reflect how our surgeons would want to be treated as patients. Our warm and comfortable setting, along with friendly personal attention is one of the reasons Tallgrass Surgical Center is ranked as a top outpatient surgery center in Kansas.

Weight Loss Surgery


Our weight-loss program is led by a team of experts that will guide you through your weight loss journey. Our patients have seen successful weight loss results as well as overall health improvements through participation in our Bariatric surgery program.

Patient Testimonials

It's best said from those who have experienced our services.

I just had the Gastric Sleeve and I must say I had the best experience at Tallgrass!! From the amazing around-the-clock care from the doctors and nurses, to the education and treatment plan they devise for you!! I have nothing but great things to say about Tallgrass. I wound highly recommend them to everyone. If I ever need surgery again, this is where I'll go. Thank you for taking such good care of me. – Darcie Hartwick - July 2017

I would also like to add that I have now reached my 1 year mark and have lost 120 lbs.! Your battle with food will still be a challenge, but having this surgery allows you to have the "tools" to be successful with your weight loss journey. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Hu and all the staff at Tallgrass. This experience has completely changed my life! Thank you. – Darcie Hartwick - updated July 2018

The staff makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Tallgrass was my choice for weight loss surgery. - Bariatric Surgery Patient

I was very impressed with your facility. It is very clean and everyone was nice and upbeat. I felt everyone worked together as a team. I will definitely advise friends and family to use Tallgrass. Thanks so much. – Surgery Center Patient

The staff make you feel comfortable...they make you feel welcome.  Tallgrass was my choice for weight loss surgery. – Carrie Ellis